TBS Unify Pro32 HV (MMCX)

55,80 €
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in Stok!

 Double-decker design for incredible cooling and durability
- 1000 mW or more output power
- Ultra-clean transmission (up to 16 pilots at the same time!)
- PitMode - Turn on your quad during a race. Now with team racing skills!
- Easy change of OSD, FC and RC channels via the fallback button menu
- Robust RF amplifier enables hours of switching on without an antenna!
- Clean switching on and video switching
- Built-in microphone

PitMode - Made to fly races

No more malfunctions, even when switched on! If you've ever repaired a quad during a race, you'll feel the frustration of not being able to turn on and test your system. With PitMode we reduce the output power to a minimum (far below the single-digit mW) so that you can switch on your Quad and still see the picture! You have less than a meter of range to put your Quad through its paces before you put it on the grid. With SmartAudio or CRSF you can switch on the VTx with your remote control!

SmartAudio V2.1 and CRSF

SmartAudio technology provides UART control for your entire video transmitter. Parameters such as output power, bands, channels and frequency can be freely controlled. This enables remote control of channels directly from a smart device (TBS Crossfire, external Bluetooth or WLAN module required), from your radio (TBS Crossfire with TBS Tango or OpenTX-compatible remote control required) or from the OSD (e.g. Betaflight OSD, TBS CORE PRO)).

With all of these options, you should find something that fits your bill. Together with CleanSwitch, the sky is the limit ... jump between channels without disturbing other pilots in the air, create backup / emergency frequencies, global VTx performance adjustments by race organizers or other clever systems that optimize and improve race management have a chance to finish!

CleanSwitch - friendly to neighbors

CleanSwitch is a technology developed by TBS, which ensures that your video transmitter is interference-free when you switch it on or when you change channels. All current video transmitters sweep across the entire band when switched on, which often leads to flickering and strong interference with other people in the air, regardless of the video channel selected. With TBS CleanSwitch, you can switch channels on and off while your friends are in the air without external interference. CleanSwitch is race and pilot friendly ... that's how we like it at TBS :)


- Operating voltage: 6V - 25V (2 - 6S)
- Operating temperature: Pay attention to normal airflow
- Impedance of the video input: 75 ohms
- Weight: 8.7 g
- Dimensions: 37 x 25 x 5.8 mm
- Antenna connection: MMCX
- Video format: NTSC / PAL
- Output power: 14 dBm (25 mW), 20 dBm (100 mW), 26 dBm (400 mW), 30 dBm + (1000 mW +)

scope of delivery

1x TBS UNIFY PRO32 5G8 HV video transmitter
1x silicone cable (tinned ends)
1x MMCX to SMA Pigtail