TARANIS X9D plus 2019 Carbon Special Edition EU/LBT FrSky transmitter EVA-Bag

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"TARANIS X9D Plus SE 2019"

The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 is a re-designed version with additions like an additional momentary button placed on the top left shoulder making it ergonomically friendly for DLG pilots to activate launch mode, and features a program scroll wheel making it even easier to navigate the menus. The upgraded MCU is used in conjunction with a re-designed mainboard that further increases the computing capability and increases the data storage. The upgrades not only improve the running of LUA scripts, it also optimizes overall performance like voice speech outputs.

The 2019 version uses the latest ACCESS communication protocol, it boasts 24 channels with a faster baud rate and lower latency with a high-speed module digital interface. Along with the new spectrum analysis function added to the OpenTX firmware, it is now possible to check the airwaves for RF noise. This version will give you a further improved experience based on the classic Taranis remote control. Additionally, tons of extra upcoming features that ACCESS brings will make this an ideal transmitter for any skill level.

The SE 2019 version is installed with the upgraded switches and M9 hall sensor gimbals and features the addition of a PARA wireless trainer function which makes them compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S.


  • Classic Taranis form factor design
  • 24 Channels
  • Program navigation button
  • High-speed module digital interface
  • Easy launch momentary button
  • Installed ACCESS and ACCST D16 protocol
  • Supports spectrum analyzer function
  • Accurate SWR indicator
  • M9 hall sensor gimbal and upgraded switches
  • Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs
  • Supports wired training function
  • Supports PARA wireless training function
  • Receiver Matching with RSSI Output (reception quality)
  • Smart Port connection for an easy update of Smart Port devices from the transmitter.
  • Internal ISRM-S-X9 HF-Modul
  • Externel RF-Modul bay for another RF-Modul (type like Graupner/JR)
  • Even faster response time in ACCESS mode compared to the already very fast ACCST mode
  • Additional security through receiver registration in the transmitter with ACCESS
  • Display of the transmission quality by the transmission of the RSSI value
  • Compatible with FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S via mobile devices


  • Dimension: 200*194*110mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 670g (without battery)
  • Operating system: OpenTX
  • Number of channels: 24 (ACCESS) 16 (ACCST)
  • Internal RF-Modul: ISRM-S-X9
  • Operating voltage range: 6.5 - 8.4V
  • Operating current: 130mA@8.2V
  • Operating Temperature: -20? ~ 60? (-4? ~ 140?)
  • Backlight LCD resolution: 212*64
  • Smart Port, Micro SD card slot and DSC Port
  • Micro USB Interface: Interface for connecting the transmitter to the PC and for charging 2S LiIon batteries (incl. balancer)
  • built-in LiIon charger
  • Model memories: 60 models (expandable by Micro SD card)
  • Full duplex telemetry with voice output for values, alarms and settings etc.
  • Open operating system OpenTX


  • ACCESS (24 channel full Duplex Telemetry)
  • ACCST D16 (16 channel full Duplex Telemetry)


A bus system developed by FrSky for the control of various terminal devices using the "full duplex" method via one line. The SmartPort connector installed in the transmitter's battery compartment enables very simple and secure updates of SmartPort terminals via the transmitter.


  • Taranis X9D - plus SE 2019 Radio without Battery (Mode 2)
  • USB data and charging cable
  • Neck strap
  • Ready flashed Micro SD card (only from Engel Modellbau)
  • Short Instruction


-ACCESS Protocol- -XM/LBT, RXSR/LBT, RX4R/LBT, RX6R/LBT, G-RX6, G-RX8 (these receivers must get an update for ACCESS)

-ACCST Protocol- -XSR/LBT, X4R CPPM/LBT, X4R-SB CPPM/LBT, X6R/LBT, X8R/LBT, L9R/LBT, S6R/LBT, or with all FrSky receivers with LBT firmware